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The 20-cent bookshelf

Since I feel it necessary to post something, but have gotten stuck on my story, I'll post a little consumer reports entry. I know, I know, I'll sound like an advertisement, but why shouldn't I share a good deal with friends? (I mean, deal like bargain, not deal like, too much information, in which case you'd have to deal. Poor you.)

Anyhow, here's what I want to share: the 20-cent stackable shelf. This thing is nice. (The link is to an picture of a bookshelf remarkably similar, though not identical, to mine.) I think it's stained pine (not walnut, as in the picture above), but it looks pretty nice with its dark finish. (It's also available in a lighter, birch-like finish, for all of you modernists.) But what's cool is that the shelf folds, making the unit easy to move, for people who haven't settled down yet; and for people who have, you can stack the shelves two units high and bolt them into the wall for stability. So, pretty much, nicely modular and movable.

Okay, so these shelves are really $30.00 retail at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I've bought two so far for less than twenty cents each. (Or, I've paid $20.18, looking at it another way.) Here's how:

  • I use a 20% off coupon, such as Bed Bath & Beyond sends out all the time. This reduces the price of the bookshelf from $29.99 to $23.99. With Virginia's 5% sales tax, that comes out to a total of $25.18
  • Incidentally, those coupons never actually expire, despite the presence of an expiration date. Bed Bath & Beyond will accept them far past that date. (They'll also accept coupons for Linens 'n Things, although I have the feeling that those won't be accepted at BB&B past their expiration date. The reverse also holds, by the way: LNT accepts BB&B coupons, and LNT coupons never actually expire at LNT.)

  • I use a $25.00 gift certificate that I get from cashing in one "unit" of Discover Rewards. (Each unit would be worth $20.00 if applied to my Discover bill.)

  • That brings the total to $0.18, which I pay out of hand.
  • So, looking at it a little more sanely, my shelves actually cost me $20.20. (In comparison, here's what you can get from Ikea for about the same price. It may have more shelves, but it's nowhere near as classy-looking. Plus, it doesn't fold up.) Watch me collect a full set!

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