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Another note from the wonderful world of homeschooling

There is a writing program that is very highly regarded among homeschoolers known as the Institute for Excellence in Writing, or IEW, for short. Andrew Pudewa, who created this program, started it as a conference for homeschooling parents, which is still in high demand. Then he taped it to make it available for people who couldn't make it to the conference. As a result, the center of the program is a ten-hour DVD set to be watched by the homeschooling parent. So there's a very logical source for my frustration, which I didn't feel like taking into account when I wanted to rant.

So, this is what I wrote today on a thread I'd started over at the Well-Trained Mind Forums:

There's the subject for another random rant. Why in the world does what is widely considered an excellent resource for teaching writing require parents to watch a ten-hour seminar?! "Hey, Mr. Pudewa, may I expound on the superior properties of writing? It requires less total time from the readers, allows them to easily return to a point they may have partially forgotten or gotten confused even weeks later, and means that they don't have to have specialty equipment to use your resource, indicating that they could review it in the bathroom, or in bed, or even in the company of their families. I know you know about how very busy a family can make you, since you have seven children. Yes, writing is difficult and time-consuming and hard, but I think you could manage to write your program out if you worked really hard at it. You may be particularly fazed by the prospect of organizing your thoughts, since you're apparently much more comfortable speaking in ten-hour blocks with bits of what you mean say scattered throughout, but I think it would be worth it to the people who are hoping to learn from you! If you need help on the whole 'organizing' or 'writing' thing, I'm sure you could find some excellent resources intended to help you learn how. They may be a little pricey, but I'm sure they'd be worth it to you in the end." //end hijacking of the thread for a non-related topic

And now you know what I've been thinking about lately. Suddenly the fact that I only have five posts on this blog starts to make sense, right?

Edited to add: I've now deleted this rant from the thread it had hijacked, because I figured, my blog is the place for rants I feel like sharing with the world at large and nobody in particular; the Well-Trained Mind forums are the places for great minds and experience to get together to support each other and the rest of us in the great adventure that is homeschooling.

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